Art pictured with Willy the Squirrel.


Art Woodward is the owner and creative director of Art & Copy. His strength as a copywriter, photographer, creative director, conceptual thinker and producer has helped many international, national, regional and local clients.
While working as a senior writer at an agency, Art concepted, wrote, was creative director and producer on the most effective loan campaign for Old National Bank in their 150+ history. They secured 897 loans ... the goal was 750! See "What we've done" section.
Throughout his career, Art Woodward has worked on consumer and business-to-business accounts for local, regional, national and multinational companies, and has written in nearly every media format. Many of the pieces he concepted and wrote have won prestigious awards ­more importantly, they have helped shape his clients' messages and move their products.

After graduating from the University of Texas (a top ten Advertising school), Art began working in Houston, Texas at a large advertising agency. In 1994, Art was recruited by an agency in Evansville, Indiana. Being born a Hoosier and wanting to get away from the big city to raise his new family, Art accepted the position.
In 2000 Art left his position as senior writer at an agency to open Art & Copy Creative Services.
In 2001 Art opened WoodRocks Studio, the audio link to Art & Copy.
In 2002 Art began teaching a senior-level advertising copywriting class at the University of Southern Indiana as a way to give back to the community.
In 2004 he opened Art in Motion Videography and DVD Authoring to provide his clients with high-end television commercials at a reasonable price.
· Hoosier born.
· Has written/produced about 100 radio spots, 50 television commercials, myriad
newspaper ads, numerous brochures, videos and countless collateral materials.
· Opened Art & Copy Creative Services in 2000.
· Has written many songs and quite a few jingles (lyrics and music), some have won
Gold Addy Awards
Art has created advertising for a wide array of industries, including:
Community development · Construction · Paving · Banking · Dairy · Area site selection · Health care · Hospitals · Insurance · Pharmaceutical · Real Estate · Home building · Automotive aftermarket · Clothing · Vacuum cleaners · Offshore drilling · Sporting goods · Universities...
A few OF ART WOODWARD'S career highlights.
· While working for an agency, he directed the late Desmond Llewelen ("Q" in all James Bond movies) in a training video he wrote for pharmaceutical reps.
· He has won numerous awards (Addies and Photography Awards) both while at other agencies and with Art & Copy. Including Best of Show at the Addies, and a Regional Gold (Indiana, Illinois, Michigan); 2001 Regional Addy.
Steve Rudolph (Former owner of Rudolph Paving) mentioned that his company had paved nearly every road in the Tri-state at one time or another, and that he stands behind every job he does. Art's line was:
Rudolph. Wherever You Go, You're Riding On Our Reputation.
Old National bank wanted to target was farmers for a loan campaign. Art's copy recognized and paid tribute to a farmer's hard work; gave them a sense of pride for they do, and invited them to come into Old National for a loan. Art's concept was entitled: "Generation after generation." and his tagline was: "Farming is hard work. Getting a loan shouldn't be. Old National Bank, helping farmers grow."
When Toyota came to Evansville, Art was the senior writer for the Welborn Health Plans account. Welborn wanted to welcome Toyota with a strategically placed billboard and a newspaper ad. This was
a very select audience of only a half dozen Japanese men. His line was simply:
Welcome Toyota. We wish you Prosperity, Health, Long Life and Growth.
At first glance this may seem mundane, but it is written in the same sentiment and syllable count (5, 7,5) as a Japanese Haiku. In Japan, mothers sing Haikus to their children the way American mom's sing lullabies.
For Vision 2000, he promised that the area was: Where Businesses and Families Thrive.
Art announced the Mulberry Center's new Outpatient Clinic with the headline:
Emotional pain doesn't come at convenient does.